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Council and Committees 2018


Chair: Dalton Moore

Vice Chair: —-

Secretary: Heather Mackie

Minister: Rev. Meriel Simpson

Treasurer: Dianne Clare

UCW: Lynda Gilmour

Member-at-Large: Hollie Lowrie

Committees:  * denotes “new”, CR denotes “Council Rep”, TG denotes “Task Groups”

Trustees: Don Palmer (Chair) CR, Jim Ball, Anne Ellis-Taylor, Ken Livingston, Wayne Markle, Jean Patton, Ernie Walker

Presbytery: Bruce Galbraith, John MacLennan

Congregational Life and Work: Dagmar Freeland (Chair) CR, Velma Dreimanis, John MacLennan, Wendy McCarthy

Subcommittee: Hospitality: Dorothy Walker TG, Dagmar Freeland TG; Communications: Webmasters: Heather Mackie, Marlene Talbot, Diana Wiens, Bulletin Board: Barbara Marchant, Advertising & E-Bulletin: Elsa Poitras, Observer: Lorraine Gilmour, Outside Sign: Lynda Gilmour

Task Groups: Church Roll: Marjorie Gilmour; Congregational Elders: Muriel Tonge, Chris Wright

Ministry and Personnel: Wally Eley (Chair) CR, Earle Goodwin, Hollie Lowry, Jean Patton, Ernie Walker

Outreach: Elsa Poitras (Chair) CR, Marlee Eley, Lynda Gilmour, Roslyn Griffiths, Norma Haill, Barbara Marchant, Beth Markle

Task Group: Guildwood Extendicare: Frank Hester

Property: Ernie Walker (Chair) CR

Subcommittee: Use of Facilities Committee: Judi Goodwin (Chair), Jim Ball, Earle Goodwin, Heather Mackie, Don Palmer

Task Group: Monday Morning Work Crew: Doug Freeland, Frank Hester, Moriah Linton, Ken Livingston, John MacLennan, Dave Marchant, Wayne Markle, Cliff Robinson

Stewardship: Jim Ball (Chair) CR, Melvyn Casinather, Dianne Clare (Treasurer), Judi Goodwin (UCW), Eglan Hinds, Hollie Lowry, Don Palmer (Trustees)

Task Group: Envelope Stewards: Margaret Gillespie, Robert Money

Worship and Faith Formation: Margaret Gillespie (Chair) CR, Conrad Ash, Sylvia Barker, Bruce Galbraith, Lorraine Gilmour, Helen Hitchcock, Celia McGuinness, Maureen Pitkethly, Tisha Robinson, Chris Wright

Task Groups: Ushers & Greeters: John Stratton; Audio Visual & Sound: Dave Marchant; World Day of Prayer: Phyllis Coulter, Jean Patton