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Like many of us, you may have questions about church, religion, spirituality and life in general that you might like to explore. If any of the below questions or thoughts there have ever concerned you. You may find some answers or information on this site. Or if you have other questions, please feel free to phone or e-mail us. We always welcome discussion on any topic.

Have you ever had any thoughts like these?

  • I wouldn’t mind trying church (again) but I don’t know what to expect or how to act.
  • There must be more to life.
  • I kind of feel like I’m drifting aimlessly sometimes.
  • I haven’t gone to church for ages–not since my parents took me as a child.
  • Church sounds like you have to give up thinking and just accept everything on faith–and I can’t do that.
  • I’d like to find a place where I’m accepted for who I am.
  • I’d like to help out somewhere where I feel that I’m making a difference.
  • I love singing with other people.

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